DNR Employee Finds Man with DNR Order

WISCONSIN – An ordinary land inspection by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) employee Roland Tukpee turned into an extraordinary one for the thirty-five year veteran of the organization.

Part of Tukpee’s job includes regular inspections of privately owned rural land to ensure owners are maintaining grounds according to contractual standards.

Last Thursday, while conducting a regular inspection, Tukpee found a man on the ground.

“He was old and he was just lying there. Keeled over. He had a half eaten bologna sandwich. I guess he was having a picnic or something.”

Tukpee went to check on the fallen man and discovered a DNR Order in his vest.

“I was in a quandary. I thought I was the only DNR employee on duty for that property that day.”

Tukpee proceeded to administer CPR, successfully revived the elderly man, and contacted emergency services. The man is recovering in the hospital.

“I did the decent thing. I’m no hero.”

Tukpee then finished the bologna sandwich and continued his inspection.

by Dan Plighter