Public Market Wants to Go Private

MILWAUKEE – The beloved Public Market in the Historic Third Ward of downtown Milwaukee proposed late Tuesday afternoon that they go private.

Market marketer, Mark Keter, said “well we have a street car running right by us now. And that’s public. How many things are going to be public around here?”

The market’s proposal includes locking the doors and not selling anything to anyone without a subscription.

“I think it’s a shame,” said long time shopper, Sandy Hopper. “Do I have to have a subscription for a lobster roll now?”

Devers Fontoon, a random pedestrian in a suit had a different point of view. “I’ve never gone in there. If it were privatized and I couldn’t get in, I might want to go. By the way, do they sell bubblegum?”

The controversial proposal is scheduled to be reviewed and promptly disregarded by city officials who are currently on vacation.

by Dan Plighter