Cleopatra Craves Cheesecake

BIRMINGHAM – Employees of a local restaurant known for their diverse and comprehensive dessert selection were surprised when a reservation for ten turned out to be Cleopatra, the ancient Greek ruler herself, and her entourage of clone-like women.

The server who took the table, Pam Chivers, remembers her first impression clearly.

“At first I noticed the many many bracelets. Then I noticed they all looked the same.”

For security, Cleopatra surrounds herself with women of similar build, demeanor, and smells.”

Chivers then noticed something else.

“They all had snakes. Each woman had her own snake.”

Chivers reported this to her manager, and immediately, the 2000 year old knockout and her dining party were upgraded to a glass enclosed “birthday room” for privacy.

Cleopatra and her secret service team that she has employed for two thousand years without a government shutdown made themselves at home, ordering one dessert after another.

“I’ll never forget how she said ‘I’m just back from Egypt and I’m craving cheesecake. I was too shy to ask why she was in Alabama.”

The party was there for hours, eventually buying up all the desserts available. But the evening wasn’t a complete success. 

“They didn’t tip. I don’t think they’re hip to tipping. And they paid in ancient lira. But oh well.”

As for the snakes…

“One of the women left without hers. But our chef says we don’t have a rat problem anymore.”

by Dan Plighter

Author: Nebulous Observer Editor

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Nebulous Observer

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